rigorous testing vs. throwaway culture

pedal bins and sensor mirrors

tough testing ensures our products perform reliably in your home for years instead of ending up in landfills

Landfills are full of cheaply made products. We make products that are durable and high-performing for years and years – keeping them out of landfills. To do this, our engineers push simplehuman products to their limits. From hours in saltwater sprays to relentless step-machines and powerful robotic arms, our intense tests go beyond the everyday stresses and strains that our products experience in your home. Because of this, we’re confident our products will reliably perform for years to come. Our pedal bins and mirrors are two examples of the extremely rigorous testing we do.

‘The Punisher’ makes sure our pedal bins are tested to last at least 150,000 – that’s 20 steps a day for 20 years

The simplehuman classic step rubbish bins are high-performing icons. They are designed and built to our own high standards, but our tough testing leaves nothing to chance. Using a custom-made machine we call “The Punisher,” our step can pedals are stepped on around-the-clock at least 150,000 times, which is equivalent to 20 steps a day for 20 years. Your rubbish bin may end up lasting longer than most of your other appliances, staying out of landfills and helping the environment.

we push our sensor mirrors to outperform your expectations not just when new, but also throughout their lifetime

The simplehuman sensor mirror trio is engineered to perform as if it was brand new, offering the same unparalleled light, clarity, and view over the lifetime of the product. Our tough testing backs-up this promise. A robotic arm flips the mirror between 5x and 10x magnification over 73,000 times. That’s 20 flips a day for 10 years! We push until products fail, and then we go back, make them better, and push even further. We do this to make sure that simplehuman products can outperform your expectations and end the cycle of disposable devices.