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our pedal bins are engineered to provide extraordinary user experiences every day of their lifespan

We engineer our products to be strong and durable, maintaining the same high level of performance every day of their lifespan, and provide extraordinary user experiences over the years — not just when they are new. Our pedal bins are proof of this durability, tested to withstand over 150,000 steps. That’s over 20 steps a day for 20 years of smooth openings and silent closings.

I'm the strong, silent type

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available replacement parts make our pedal bins easy to repair yourself and extend your product’s life keeping it out of landfills longer

Even though our pedal-bins are built to last for many years, we know life happens. A dropped jar may dent the lid of your rubbish bin, or the step-mechanism may finally break after a decade of use. For most products in your home, these kinds of issues would mean throwing them away and buying another. That’s not the case with ours! Here at simplehuman, we don’t believe in disposable products. We’ve designed our pedal bins to be simple to repair with modular replacement parts available online – even for rubbish bins that we manufactured over ten years ago. Not only can you get that satisfaction of fixing your rubbish bin yourself, but you also keep it out of landfills. Repairing is better for your wallet and the planet.

And with replacement parts available online through Product Support, it’s easy to make your pedal bin or other products as good as new. By repairing instead of just throwing away, you extend your product’s life and allow it to become a more efficient use of resources. Repairing is better for your wallet and the planet.